BSc Noureddine Bounama
      GeoForschungsZentrum Potsdam
      Aufgabenbereich 2
      Physik des Erdkörpers und Desasterforschung
      Projektbereich 2.4
      Projektgruppe Thermodynamik
      Telegrafenberg C7
      14473 Potsdam, Germany
      phone: (49) 331-288-2822, fax: (49) 331-288-2818

Model of a subducting slab using the Finite Elements Method

Determination of temperature distribution in a subducting slab using the Finite elements its graphical user interface "MENTAT". we have modeled a slab dipping at 45° in a 1273 K hot mantle with a total subducted lenght of 1200 km and a width of 85 km. Various element sizes and iterations numbers were in- vestigated and the results compared to the analytic method described by D. P. McKenzie in "Temperature and potential Temperature beneath island arcs", (Tectonophysics, 10, 1970, 357-366) some of the results are reported below for the 10 cm / year subducting velocity. Next, the thermal stresses imposed on a subducting slab by the surrounding mantle materials are determined.

Study of the Heat flow from Northern Chile and Bolivia and its comparaison to the theoretical model of a slab

Last modification: 26. 3. 1999